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Gemmies® is your friendly, accessible, artisan bakery.

We offer quality baked goods for you to feed your loved ones. Daily, weekly family gatherings, & holidays. Shipped to your door free, for your convenience. 


Organic breads without chemicals, additives, or preservatives.

Gemmies'® breads include ingredients like organic flours, sea salt, in-house cultivated wild yeasts and good bacterias, in-house made butters, pure cane sugar, honey,

organic free range eggs, extra-virgin olive oil, organic milk.


"Real bread, with real ingredients."

ALL orders are placed online and shipped to you free.

You can also look for our brand in your local grocery store.

Minimum order is $35 | Free shipping to US | Free Local Delivery to Nassau County, NY

Save money and receive breads consistently with our subscribe and save option for monthly orders. Otherwise be prepared to wait a week or more for your bread to arrive with one time orders.


Gemmies® cares about what you feed your family. We proudly use the finest ingredients for our products. You will taste the difference. Our baked goods are made up of three main flavor fundamentals -- Good ingredients, slow processes, and family recipes.

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"Feed your family what they deserve."

All orders are baked fresh by order only. Your order will be baked the day it ships. The process leading up to baking can take up to 3 days for fermentation and development of flavor profiles that we are proud of. This is why you must pre-order your baked goods based on the schedule that we specify.



We've always believed that you get what you pay for. Quality comes at a price. We will provide that unwavering quality standard to our customers rather than selling more volume at a lower price with inferior ingredients. Make Gemmies® a part of your family's daily routine and feel good knowing that you are feeding them a quality food.


"It's what we feed our kids."

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